Special control measures for East Rail Line Stations

In view of the continuous nuisance caused by Chinese tourists, special control measures have since been implemented in these East Rail Line Stations from 2009:

粉嶺 Fanling 上水 Sheung Shui 羅湖 Lo Wu 落馬洲 Lok Ma Chau

When the special control measures are in force, By-law Inspection Unit Officers with disciplined forces experience will strictly enforce the Mass Transit Railway By-laws, which is a part of the Laws of Hong Kong, together with large number of guards employed by security service companies. Staff members of Ticket Inspection Units will also strengthen their patrol work to ensure passengers are travelling with valid tickets. Public order near railway premises is closely monitored by the Hong Kong Police

Stations will set up large signages and strengthen public address to educate the passengers to comply with rules and safety instructions. New high resolution cameras are also added into Concourses and Platforms while the recording may be used as evidence against offenders. Big glass hedges are installed near some ticket gates to prevent people passing objects from time by time. Crowd control facilities may also be altered at anytime to separate incoming and outgoing passengers

Passengers with bulky luggage must comply with the Mass Transit Railway By-laws and follow the staff instructions to use any designated exits and have the size measured for your luggage. Luggage complying with the following size are allowed:

One piece of luggage (Or pieces combined) for each passenger, any one side measuring not exceeding 130 cm and the total length of all sides not exceeding 170 cm

Anyone with oversized luggage will be rejected from entering the gate immediately and are required to use other transport means


On the other hand,station staff will ask passengers to place the luggage onto the ground-mounted weight scale to measure if the luggage exceeded the following wight limit:

23 KGs

Anyone with oversized luggage will be rejected from entering the gate immediately and are required to use other transport means

Passengers with bulky luggage must use the lift or stairs when travelling between Concourses and Platforms. They should join the first available train that can reach their destination

The public order at stations are re-built by the special control measures. Passengers may need to wait about 10 mins before starting your journey since the luggage measurement procedure takes time. Crowd control would be implemented in the station at any time. Please do not stay at the main corridors in these stations to keep the passageway clear

If you encountered any nuisances at other stations or you need to seek for station staff’s assistance, please use any Help Lines on station platform or click here to call the station control room

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