Travel on MTR

Seek for staff assitance

Select a station


Instead of requiring safety inspection at station exits and placing guards inside the train compartment like third world countries, Hong Kong have neither of these policies. Some trains even operating without drivers

You may call the Station Control Room and seek for staff assistance if there is any non-emergency events which included no injuries or no criminal act, for example:

  • Some vomit remains inside the train compartment
  • Left belongings inside the train
  • Non – MTR by-law compliant baggages were carried onto the train
  • Someone stained the train floor inadvertently
  • Someone is causing serious nuisance to other passengers or violated the MTR by-law

etc …

Call a Station

During your conversation, the train is still moving. There maybe multiple trains running between stations, please consider these factors when you make the call:

  • Call the station which the train will arrive 5 mins lateror
  • Call 2 stations ahead
  • You can describe the train location clearly such as the train is entering or leaving a specified platform
  • You can tell which carriage you are in and the nearest door number

Help Lines on the platform
Help Lines on the platform

Help Lines on platforms(some of them may also be located near the lift)may also contact the Station Control Room directly. Press the button and speak.

Wheelchair passengers may also use the Help Line for requesting the boarding ramps