Today’s MTR network is composed by multiple metro and suburban railways and inherited different operations techniques from London Underground and the pre-privatised British Railways. However the transparency of public bodies are decreasing since the handover of Hong Kong in 1997 and we decided to announce any disruption updates related to MTR on Twitter since 2011.We value your interactions with us and together with our knowledge in this industry, we hope to bring you the latest updates of the railway


On top of this, we are committed to reply any enquiries related to the announced incident within 10 mins for providing the latest updates

Although some disruption news are provided by passengers but our tweets are closer to the reality in most circumstances. Meanwhile, alternative transport information will also be provided during significant incident to divide the passenger flow

Since 2016, paseengers may check the alternative transport information from a much better interface and we can also upload the live pictures with the help of different digital media platforms’ new functions so that passengers are informed with the estimated reopenning time of the railway

At the same time, we are urging the railway operator to create a Passengers Information Disseminating Centre. This is to replace their Operations Control Centre’s role to make public announcement, updating websites and contacting external parties with current resources therefore to align with other foreign countries’ practice and make sure passengers can receive the latest updates