Recently Lost MTR City Savers


所有失物均會於指定時間內,轉送至 金鐘 / 大圍 / 兆康 的「失物及學生乘車優惠辦事處」存放,再按《香港鐵路附例》所列的條件處置

乘客到所屬之辦事處,憑收據 取回遺失的「港鐵都會票」前,應先致電港鐵失物熱綫: 28610020


The table below only lists MTR City Savers retrieved by station staff, tickets handed to different Lost Property and Student Concessionary Fare Office or police station by other passengers are excluded. This table will not be updated at regular intervals and there is no gurantee tickets listed below are still valid to use for certain period

All lost properties will be transferred to Lost Property and Student Concessionary Fare Office in Admiralty / Tai Wai / Siu Hong for storage and will be processed by the terms listed in the Mass Transit Railway By-laws

Before going to the allocated office for retrieving your MTR City Saver with the purchasing receipt, please call the MTR Lost Property Hotline: 28610020

Ticket No.
Rides left
Station found
Lost Property Reference No.
012E44A0FB07926B40調景嶺 Tiu Keng LengF/201902-02003XXX
012E4129A7D82F3F16西灣河 Sai Wan HoF/201902-02002XXX
012E41715687478110西灣河 Sai Wan HoF/201902-02000XXX
012E44A13793AA6837美孚 Mei FooF/201902-02006XXX
012E44A13792566A22牛頭角 Ngau Tau KokF/201902-02004XXX
012E44A0FB07926B40調景嶺 Tiu Keng LengF/201902-02003XXX
00043C62327D5C8016炮台山 Fortress HillF/201903-02007XXX
012E41723E993DAB9九龍塘 Kowloon TongF/201903-01003XXX