Government Public Transport Fare Subsidy Scheme

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Number of days
Total spending
Fare after subsidy
From 1/Nov/2023 (Wed), Octopus holders will receive a ⅓ subsidy on public transport spendings in excess of $400 while the maximum monthly subsidy is $400

Applicable MTR services

TransportAccumulated automaticallySelf-registration requiredNot applicable
All Running LinesOctopus

Monthly Pass

Monthly Pass for Disneyland Cast Members
MTR City Saver

Tuen Mun - Nam Cheong Day Pass
Single Journey Smart Tickets

Tourist Tickets
Airport ExpressOctopus

Airport Staff Octopus

“Morning Express” tickets

Round-trip tickets purchased online
Round Trip Tickets

Group Single
Journey Smart Tickets
Single Journey Smart Tickets

AWE Event Round Trip Tickets

Round Trip Tickets purchased from ticketing agents

Airport Express Travel Passes
Light RailOctopus

Monthly Pass
-Single Journey Tickets

Tourist Tickets
MTR Bus, MTR Feeder BusOctopus

Monthly Pass
Intercity, High Speed Rail--Tickets

Applicable other transport means

TransportAccumulated automaticallySelf-registration requiredNot applicable
Franchised BusesOctopus

KMB Monthly Pass (30-Day Validity)

Round Trip Tickets for Citybus Route B5
Cityflyer Pre-paid Return Ticket

Lantau Pass

Long Win Bus Pre-paid Group Tickets
Citybus Rickshaw Sightseeing Bus Day Pass
Scheduled Public Light Buses

Designated Public Light Buses
Hong Kong TramwaysOctopusMonthly Tickets4-Day Pass
Designated FerriesOctopus

Monthly Pass

Holiday round-trip tickets purchased by Octopus
Star Ferry Monthly Tickets

Monthly Pass

T Card

Holiday round-trip tickets purchased by cash
Star Ferry 4-Day Pass
Designated Resident Buses, Staff Buses, Kaito Ferries-Octopus-

Registering Tickets

Self-registration Points

Collecting subsidies

Subsidise Collection Points
  • You may collect subsidies from the 16th day of the next month and until the end of three upcoming months
    Example: Public transport spendings in January can be collected from 16/Feb – 15/May
  • Subsidy collection points:
  • Passengers may also collect their subsidies from Octopus handheld app

Octopus refund

  • Please obtain your subsidies from channels listed above before returning your Anonymous Octopus at any Customer Service Centres or Light Rail Customer Service Centres
  • &nbsp

  • Unobtained susidies on malfunctioned Personalised Octopus will be transferred to your new card
  • Call Government’s hotline 29695500 for further enquiries