All running lines run as usual

輕鐵 Light Rail


All routes run as usual

城際列車 Intercity


Depending on the weather conditions in China, services may be adjusted or suspended accordingly

港鐵巴士 MTR Bus


Run as usual

港鐵接駁巴士 MTR Feeder Bus


Run as usual

雖然列車通常於日間進行維修,但若預期有大量乘客需即將離開工作崗位,各行車綫、巴士路綫、接駁巴士綫會按車輛的可用情況,盡快提供早上 或 黃昏繁忙時間的服務,直至人潮明顯散去為止

Although rolling stocks maintenance is usually carried out in daytime, if it is expected that a high passenger demand will occur shortly as the public leaves work, running lines and Bus and Feeder Bus routes would, subject to rolling stocks availability, commence morning or evening peak services as quickly as possible until demand ceases