長度不超過 120 公分、闊度不超過 70 公分、重量連乘客不超過 200 公斤

輪椅上落斜版  Wheelchair Ramp
輪椅上落斜版  Wheelchair Ramp

Wheelchair passengers could join or leave the train on their discretion while summoning station staff’s assistance are recommended

You may use any Help Lines on the platform or click here to speak to station staff and say your destination. Station staff will use wheelchair ramp to aid your boarding and alighting for the first available train at the origin, interchange and destination stations

Since the Control Centre has acknowledged your journey, MTR Staff or emergency services personnel will provide appropriate arrangements when the train is taken out of service or need to be evacuated to ensure your safety. Therefore those who decided to join or leave the train on their discretion will need to take your own risk

For safety reasons, maximum two wheelchairs are allowed on each train. You should park your wheelchair inside the Multi-Purpose Space inside the train to keep the passageway free

It can accommodate wheelchairs with

the length not exceeding 120 cm, the width not exceeding 70 cm, the height with the use not exceeding 200 kg