MTR Service Update is a shadow digital media communication platform of the railway operator which concentrated on passengers information work for demonstrating an expected performance of public bodies. Our Service Scope is listed below:

Tweets will be sent according to the Definitions of Delays while timetabled interval will be deducted during off peak hours

All timestamps are the time when the incident occurred or the time we received the first notification. This timestamp may have 10 mins difference from the actual posting time

Incidents that purely caused by human factors are not guaranteed to be listed in order to protect the information source

MTR Traffic Hours of each day start at 0511 hours and end at 0130 hours, while 0500 hours is the start of the “next day” unless otherwise stated


Urban Lines (Kwun Tong, Tsuen Wan, Island, Tseung Kwan O and South Island Lines)
Lantau Airport Railway (Tung Chung Line, Airport Express and Disneyland Resort Line)
East Rail and Tuen Ma Lines
= All running lines

Light Rail


  • Suggestions of alternative transport

Alternative transport information will also be posted in collaboration with Citymapper during major incidents for your journey planning


  • Answering enquiries

Enquiries about MTR services are most welcomed. Comments that are similar or duplicated, containing misleading content, unknown meaning or mainly to share external website’s content will be re-ordered or, however, unretained

This also applies to complaints about other passengers’ misbehaviour, since cameras and keyboards could not prevent these events from happening

Commenters who are making continuous nuisance will have its commenting rights removed

You would be deemed to have consented and understood this Service Scope when you choose to receive contents posted on digital media platforms operated by MTR Service Update or leave comments on any of these platforms


  • Alternations on train services and sales of souvenirs

We would notify you about souvenir sales and train services alterations. Questions about offers from MTR Club are welcomed although we do not cover their updates. Some information is listed on to increase the transparency of railway services


  • Fares and tickets information

We are here to answer enquiries about fares and tickets. You may also visit our site. Long-term, Airport Express and Tourist offers are included with automated tools to calculate which fare product offers you the best discount


  • Highlights (Chinese only)

To share anything on the railway that may be of interest to passengers for education purpose


  • MTR Opinion Zone

Enquiries on upcoming MTR Opinion Zone are most welcomed


Tell us if you see anything that can be improved on the MTR, for instance, a signage that needs to be corrected on its content. We have the advantage of communicating with the related parties in a more direct and efficient way


Railway developments involve different aspects of public administration. We are pleased to provide commentaries on train operations and new railway projects for different social groups including Hong Kong self-determination supporting bodies