Airport Express Discounts

Airport Staff Octopus
Hong Kong$36.4$36.4
Tsing Yi$21.9$21.9
“Morning Express” tickets
  • Octopus only
  • Tsing Yi / KowloonHong Kong, flat fare $20
  • Valid on 0700 to 1000 hours, Mon to Fri and except public Holidays
  • Octopus only
  • No free connections to other running lines
Group Single
Journey Tickets
Single journey to or from Airport
Trip2 persons3 persons4 persons
Hong Kong$170$230$280
Tsing Yi$100$140$170
AWE Event Round Trip Tickets AWE Event Round Trip Tickets
  • Octopus only
  • On sale at dedicated counters atHong KongandHong Kongon AsiaWorld-Expo event days
  • Minimum stay one hour in AsiaWorld-Expo
  • Actual prices determined by AsiaWorld-Expo Management Limited
Entry stationPrice
Hong Kong$60
Tsing Yi - AWE round trip discount Tsing Yi - AWE round trip discount
  • Octopus only
  • Price : $47
  • Free connections for all running lines
  • Stay one hour minimum in AsiaWorld-Expo
50% off Airport Express for taxi passengers
50% off Airport Express for taxi passengers
  • Show your taxi fare receipt ($40+) on the date of issue at Customer Service Centre before entering the gate or using In Town Check-in at Kowloon or Tsing Yi
  • One recipet is vaild for five passengers
  • Cannot enjoy any other offers
  • Valid from 8/Jul to 30/Jun/2020 (Tue)
Offers for children and elderly
  • Octopus only
  • For journeys from Hong Kong, Kowloon or Tsing YiAirport / AsiaWorld-Expo or Airport → Hong Kong, Kowloon, Tsing Yi
  • Free for Children, 50% off for Elderly
  • No free running lines connections for childern
  • Offer period: 29/Jun - 1/Sep